The Instagram Bombshell: Anya Geraldine

At first glance, Anya Geraldine may seem like another girl on Instagram with coordinated feed and hundreds of thousands followers. With a galloping 3.2 millions of followers on Instagram and 400k subscribers on YouTube, Anya Geraldine is one of the most wanted influencers both in Indonesia.

The 24-year-old Anya Geraldine has paved her way to also involve in showbiz industry by starring in three movies this year; Yowis Ben 2, Tusuk Jelangkung di Lubang Buaya, and Rembulan Tenggelam di Wajahmu. She also expanded her career as a businesswoman, with the recently launched “Burger Bar,” collaborating with Broadway group.

From Instagram, YouTube to the showbiz industry, was it always your initial plan?
“I was first got involved in Tusuk Jailangkung di Lubang Buaya. I was offered the role by Max Pictures production house; I see the opportunity to prove myself. Honestly, I was flattered by the opportunity and it pushed me to try harder in the industry, I want people to know that I’m actually capable of exploring more.”

What kind of difficulties that you faced as you slowly spread your wings to become an actress?

“I think the difficulties about transforming myself into an actress is about being a good actress or not. There are so many actors out there who are not quite able to immerse themselves into the characters that they’re playing, that’s sorta what I tried to avoid. Being actress is not easy, after the hard work, you’ll also be receiving critics and feedbacks about your performance and you have handle that well.”

So from making content to creating a burger joint. What else does your schedule consist of?
“So packed actually. The day I launched Burger Bar, I also did some promo for a new movie I was starring in. Also, another shooting schedule for a new movie the next week. Though I still always find a me time for myself.”
You often update the fans with your OOTDs on Instagram, how do you explain your fashion style?
“My fashion is casual, sometimes formal looking. Looking back, my style has grown a lot in the past years, because I used to wear snapbacks a lot back then. Though I still love street style, but now I prefer something versatile, so I can wear for any occasion.”
Anya’s goals for the next five years?
“For my business to grow bigger than it is today. I wish to open more branches in the future, probably opening another business line, exploring more characters and starring in more movies, and the most important one is to be happier.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga

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