The Kinda Z You Need in Your Life: Zalfa

If you have watched The F Thing’s latest TVC, then you’ll notice that one girl who was portrayed minding her own business and just danced like nobody is watching, let us introduce you to the 20-year-old dancer slash singer Zalfa.

Full name goes by Zalfa Ufairah Farlis and was born on August 15, 1998, Zalfa is one of the members of #TeamGirls girlband Soul Sisters. She was also once a part of girlband called Little Angels, and managed to get the chace to as the opening South Korean girl band Apink and Sistar during their concert in Jakarta.

So thus far, mind summarize your career in one paragraph?
“I debuted back in 2012 with Little Angles when the concept of girlband was really a hit. And in 2017, I saw an ad for The Next Boyband Girlband audition. To be honest, my last girlband wasn’t actually disbanded but we just parted our ways due to trend and I personally still has the passion to become a girlband member so I join the audition.”
What is your goals with Soul Sister this year?
“We want people to acknowledge us more, because since the release of our first single, it has yet to gain more popularity. So the goals would be to introduce our songs to people, as well as to also share our identity to the world.”

Meaning you’re managing between career and education as you’re still pursuing your studies as of the moment?
“I actually go to Politeknik Universitas Indonesia, currently renamed as Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. I major in Teknik Grafika Penerbitan, why? Because I personally love to draw. At first I was unwilling to get into other major due to math class, but turns out this major demands mathemathics even more.”

“I think it is really important to maintain your education because we can never be certain where the current career would last or not. But at the same time, we also have to explore what the future has for us, so we have to keep between career and education in balance. For me, it’s singing and dancing, I am hoping for both aspects to go hand in hand. And so far it’s been going well.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: available at The F Thing

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