The Little Blue Bird Still Got It: Twitter’s Active Daily User Hits 126 Million

Twitter finally revealed the platform’s daily users – a bold, new decision by the social media company.


If you’re one of those social media butterflies who’d like to monetize on your daily acitivities – here’s a flashnews: Despite of what are people are saying when they’re comparing the platform to Instagram…Twitter still got it! Turns out, the number of their users are increasing annually.
Last year, the number of Twitter users worldwide is 115 million; but this this, it hits 129 million (which means there’s a 9% increase). On another corner of the ‘digital battlefield’ we have the gang of Facebook (which includes  Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) which reaches 1.52 million daily (FYI, Instagram has 500 million actives daily users in 2017 and the number is predicted to keep on increasing).
Source: iNews

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