The OG of ODD: Adrian Riyadi

“Sneakers and t-shirts are no longer just laid back outfits that you can only wear to some informal events, instead the street style is now taking over the fashion industry and is able to be worn during formal events.”

Meet Adrian Riyadi, the CEO and Founder of Our Daily Dose (ODD), a retailer store that sells the original collection of many streetwear items from selected street brands. ODD immediately stands out because Adrian also wants the customers to have a knowledge on streetwear and sneakers brands.

Since streetwear is very much in, do you notice the difference in the business back then versus nowadays?
“Absolutely yes. We can see the differences by the various looks pulled by today’s kids and their parents’ – who are now also wear streetwear brands. I think back then, no parents dared enough to wear sneakers to a formal event, but (I notice that) lately they love wearing them. The amount of people who wear streetwear in social media also contributes to peak others’ interest in trying to wear new things—in this case, it’s street fashion brand because they now realize that street fashion is very comfortable.”
Is comfortability what makes people develop the interest and in itself, making streetwear look popular these days?
“In my honest opinion, the influence that’s mostly gained from the social media and celebrities might be the strong reason for its popularity.”

“I mean, today’s kids are mostly update about the social media life, and so they received the biggest impacts. Apart from that, I see that there are so many millennials with a strong buying power and that they really pay attention to what they wear. They wanted to look fresher and more fashionable as they follow the trend more caused by the exposure of the internet and the social media, in my opinion.”

Any plan to develop ODD’s own brand?
“It is not impossible for us to get our own brand and release our own products, since I believe Indonesia is already a proper country to produce such a high quality shoes and clothes. However, it is not our priority yet, as we’re still a retailer and not a brand at the moment, but we’ve worked once with clothing line by collaborating with some social media influencers. Hence, I’ll say let’s just see how things go for now.
Before ODD became a legit business, did you go through any bad experience whilst installing ODD?
“Just like any other venture, everything has its own ups and downs, and my way to deal with these moments is to never give up. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so if I’m going through a bad phase then there must be a reason why it happens and which solution I should take. At the end of the day, if we do things with a well-managed process and a good attitude, you’ll reap every effort you’ve put in. The most important thing when someone is doing business is to never bail out on your own failure and to always seek for solutions.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Location: Go-Work, Plaza Indonesia

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