The Once-a-Year Lagoon in Brazil

For you beach seekers, we may have got a beautiful place to be added on your bucket list.

Lagoon is a stretch of salt water that is separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef or a small freshwater that is located near by a larger lake or river. Mostly occurred naturally but in many cases, there are some artificial lagoons that is made for entertainment purposes as well.  Brazil is enriched with their desserts and beaches, but do you know that among its nature they have a hidden paradise?
In the northeast of the country there’s a unique desert that is not like any other typical desserts, it’s called Lencois Maranhenses. It covers 1,000 square kilometers and has been formed thousands of years ago due to natural conditions. Because of its beauty in the form of clear sea waterand beautiful fishes, his desert was converted into a national park where people can come and enjoy the views. The dessert turned heaven is happening in the middle of the dessert is all thanks to the rain season that comes around January to June.

So when is the best time to visit the lagoon? To get the best view of the lagoon, you should come on between July to September as it glows the best around that time of the year because the lagoons would sadly be gone during summer just like it’s never existed.
What are you waiting for then? Pack your belongings now as the lagoon’s season is coming soon.
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