The Power of Black and Blue

According to Brain Director, colors can mean a lot of things. The color you choose will induce emotional state of mind to you as well as to those who see you. How strong is your color game in the style department?

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Colors can be a very powerful tool for your style arsenal. Because different colors have different emotional associations to them, you can use colors to communicate the message that you want, including several of the Style Attraction Switches. Keep in mind that different colors go well with different skin tones, and keep in mind the color wheel when mixing and matching colors.

Finally, color can be a powerful tool, but don’t overuse it. As a general rule, try to have no more than 3 distinct colors in a single outfit. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but any more than that can be confusing and overwhelming to the eye.

blue black enve (1)

So what does the color black and blue, the safest tones, mean in general?
Blue — Peaceful, stable, professional, loyal. Not all of these traits are bad for attraction, but having “stable” as the only thing going for you is a bad strategy. Use blue as the backdrop to layer on other colors, or experiment with different shades of blue such as baby blue or turquoise. Blue probably has the most diverse range of shades that can work in your styling.


Black — Elegance, power, sophistication, strength. With emotions like these, it’s no wonder that wearing a nice suit is so powerful. Unless you are wearing an all black suit, don’t overuse black though, or you’ll end up looking Goth or gloomy. Mix black up with other colors to break up the darkness and monotony.


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