The Power Ranger You Need to Know: Peter Sudarso

Coming all the way from the States, Peter Adrian Sudarso was thrilled to come to Indonesia for PopCon Asia 2017 in August alongside his older brother, Yoshi Sudarso. As an Indonesian-born who lives in the US, Peter confessed his longing for Indonesia. He craved for Indonesian dishes like bakmi and pork satay. Turning 27 years old this year, Peter spent the year by promoting his TV Series, Power Rangers Ninja Steel as Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. Not only Peter, his brother Yoshi also had the role in the series – making them the first Indonesian bros who got the role.

So how has Jakarta treating you so far during your visit?

“It’s nice, really. I’ve been telling people in the States that Indonesia is a very warm place. Both temperature and people. But yeah, it’s really nice because when I came back here, I felt like a family – of course, because I do have family here. And I’m feeling the national pride of being an Indonesian when I’m here. Like everyone’s proud to see me that I’m doing well in America. It’s nice, I feel like I’ve got a lot of supports here.”

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Do you usually mention that you are an Indonesian back in the States?

“People don’t really ask. They usually said that we’re Asian, but not mentioning one particular country. I’m also mixed of Asian races like Japanese, Korean, even Mongolian.”

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Moving on to your first involvement and process of being Blue Power Rangers, how did it go?

“It was a long story. I actually auditioned for Power Rangers Mega Force back in 2011. That was my first time to auditioning for Power Rangers. That was before I didn’t do any act and I got that because my brother was a stunt actor. He found some people and he really wanted to be a Power Rangers. I always love Power Rangers but I never thought of being one of them, just because I wasn’t an actor. I took Architecture back in college and I worked as an architect, and my brother was like ‘hey you should audition with me’, so I did. And then we got really far but we didn’t get the role. We got so close. So in the States, auditioning was like this; you did an audition, you got a call back, and then a producer called back, and then you had to do the screen test.”

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“It was a 4 round audition. And then after the screen test, they put you on hold for a contract, like the explanation behind the job and all. I signed the contract because everyone had to sign it before the screen test, and at some point you would think that you got the job, but you didn’t. We didn’t pass it though, and the contract that we were signed wasn’t applicable anymore.”

Quite the long process you both did. At one point, did you lose hope?

“Well, we heard about the auditon again because we kept in close contact with the casting director for the next season. We did that again and at the second call back, we got cut. At that point, Yoshi didn’t want to do it anymore. But I was like, no I didn’t want to give up. So I sent them an email and told them that we would do our best performance, and it was worth a shot. We got a call back again. We passed to the screen test again, and signed a contract again and reached the final stage. It was the three of us, me and Yoshi, and the other guy. And for that season, Yoshi got it. I got a mixed feeling to be honest, because I was happy for my brother, yet I’m sad that I didn’t get it. Despite of that, I was thinking that I had to practice acting, I wasn’t good at acting and I realized that. That was why I took acting classes and training for my performance. I started writing, I started making YouTube videos, or skits. I did everything in my power to become a better actor.”

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Watched some of your skits with your friends and they were hella funny. Did they help improve your acting?

“I started getting a career in acting outside Power Ranger ever since Yoshi and I got a manager. I did a small character in movies and stuff, even starred in Disney’s channel TV kind of movie in 2016. Those all were before Power Ranger. So when Power Ranger came around and held a casting again, I told Yoshi first that I wasn’t gonna do it. Like I tried three times already. But Yoshi told me to try again, but I didn’t want my hopes up – I was already heartbroken three times. But again, it was worth the shot. And this time I gave in a 1000%. I worked so hard for this and tried to not have my hope high. After I passed the screentest, I waited for two months and still got no response. And then, the producer texted me and told me something urgent, and my heart was beating so fast. I tried to calm myself and told myself that it’d be a good news.”

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“But when he called me, he told me that I didn’t get it. I broke down a little because this is like the 4th time I tried this  role. So close yet so far. But it turned out to be a greatest joke ever, because when I met him, he told me that I actually got the role of Blue Power Ranger. He did that because he wanted so surprise me.”

Did people comment about the fact that you’re Yoshi’s brother?

“It’s sad though when everyone thought that I got the role because I’m Yoshi’s little brother. I mean, no, the process was really hard and I was in the verge of giving up as well.”

Do you have any upcoming project beside Power Ranger?

“I have some things that I auditioned for. I did a screentest for it and still had to met the producer and stuff, so it’s still up in the air. And there’s another thing that I have to do, but again I still need to wait for it. And I have short films on the work now. One of the short films is gonna be finished around October and hopefully will be released in April. And if everything goes well, I’m going to meet with one of the producers in Indonesia and trying to make a movie. I actually want it set in indonesia with Indonesian background and culture.”

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If you got a chance to film a movie here in Indonesia, would you take the offer?

“If it matches my schedule, I would like to do that. If everything works out, of couse I’ll take it.“


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Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Moody Wijaya
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available at

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