The Restless and Relentless Fiza Khan

For some people, TikTok might seem to be just a dancing and lip-syncing app, but for Fiza Khan it could be a little bit more if you’re willing to explore. Buat seseorang seperti Fiza yang berusaha untuk mengurangi konsumsi fast fashion, TikTok could be a great way to do this in the fun way.

Selain sibuk di sekolah dan menjadi part-time model, Fiza sekarang juga giat melakukan beberapa proyek sampingan di umurnya yang masih 19 tahun. One of them is being the head of content and ideas for Green Welfare, an organization which provides plant-based means to the less fortunate, dan juga mengelola thrift store di Instagram (@artemisthrift) that consists of both of her own preloved clothes, some pieces she customizes, as well as ones that she find when she thrifts.

“It’s a more sustainable way to shop compared to conventional fast fashion,“ as what Fiza says.

Any personal tips and tricks on styling yourself?
Number 1 tip when it comes to fashion and styling is to just basically accessorize a lot. Wearing jewelries, wearing a nice belt, having a cute bag can really make over an outfit. I like just a lot of basic tops and pants but I let the tension be on the accessories layering up on the jewelries, the chains, the earrings and the bags. I like tiny bags. The tinier the bag the more I like it.
What statement do you want people to see you based on your fashion style?

I honestly don’t care about what people think about me based on my style. I have a different aesthetic almost every week, I change up my style a lot. One day I could be wearing all black and lots of chains, the next day I could be wearing a pink dress. So, there’s really no goal for me on how people see me. Maybe just, “Oh yeah she looks like she has good fashion”. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what other people think. It’s what you think about yourself.”

Which TikTok trend do you like the most?
At first, I started off doing comedy on TikTok but then I went towards the fashion side, and I’ve just been having fun with it lately. I love watching thrift flips and DIYs for fashion because I think it’s just a great way to reduce the consumption of fast fashion in a fun way.”
How does having a body positive image looks like to you?

Body positivity is really important especially in the days where you’re bombarded by these pretty girls on social media it’s really easy to compare yourself. Beauty isn’t everything, someone could be beautiful but a terrible person, what good is it then? Don’t value yourself based on your beauty. Value yourself based on your accomplishments, that’s what important. Work hard on your goals, and that’s what important at the end of the day. “

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
Wardrobe: Figure, available at

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