The Spring Haircut Trend We’re Importing From London Fashion Week

If there’s anyone who can inspire you to finally cut the bangs you’ve always wanted, it’s the cool girl on the street.

Sure, we love the celebrity classics — like Jane Birkin’s feathery fringe or Reese Witherspoon’s post-Phillippe bang circa 2007 — but it’s the nameless girl in aviators at the crosswalk, her blunt bangs dusting across her frames, that gets you thinking: I can totally pull bangs off.
And earlier this week, a trip across the pond — to the Fall 2019 season of London Fashion Week — proved that bangs are on the cusp of a major revival. Every Victoria Beckham-adjacent street styler was sporting a bang hairstyle. From low-maintenance curtain fringe on long hair to the more dramatic baby bang bob, discover all the cute cuts London girls are sporting for spring.
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