The Style You Wanted to See, from The Boys You Loved Before!

The heartthrob that’s known for his role as Peter Kavinsky, Noah Centineo’s, has been the new dream boy for many girls around.


This Miami-born babe has been actively interacting with his fans a lot through his social media, especially Instagram where he posted a lot of his pictures consistently making the girls go wild with his boyfriend looks online. Through all his post we could see- or dream- on how should all the boyfriends dress alike, since oh well he’s the boyfriend every girls dream about, right?
These are the options you can steal to dress your boyfriend in Noah’s ways, go take a look!
  1. This babe doesn’t mind layering up his tshirt with something patterned, and whoa whoa who’s the cutest in the room by wearing this?
    Steal His Style!
  2. When he’s feeling comfy, he tried not to put much attention on what he’s wearing but still managed to look deadly.  Try this out!
    Steal His Style!
  3. A sudden date but still pulling through to look nice beside you is not a worry anymore! Just put on a cool tshirt and a matching sweatpants! They’re comfortable and definitely stylish.
    Steal His Style!

  1. Going out on an outdoor date but don’t know what your babe gotta wear? Try to put these on him! You can thank me later!
    Steal His Style!


To all the boyfriends out there, y’all can get these looks with such a big discounts by typing down PLAYFUL30 for 50% off + extra 30%! Get them now and get your girls forgot who Noah Centineo was!


Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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