The Ultimate Recipes for ‘Glasskin’ Face

The pore-less, dewy and glass-looking skin is a trend that has been setting in South Korea for years. As the Korean movies and cultures are spreading everywhere, the glasskin trend is also spreading around and now the trend is finally here.

“The facial treatment for ‘glasskin’ is in great demand. Because it makes the face as clear as glass,” said Doctor Aesthetic and Anti-Aging, Gaby Syerly.
According to her, there is a long way to have this ‘glasskin’, a healthy skincare routine and skin glass facial—the treatment for those who have dry skin and dreams to have a glowing skin. This treatment consists of 10 series of facials which are combined into 1. From the cleansing process, then steaming step, followed by microdermabrasion—extraction of blackheads and killing of bacteria with high frequency rays, also the last one, face massage,” Gaby stated.
This treatment will help you to have a moist, bright, and shiny skin. Hence, having ‘glasskin’ is no longer a dream for you.
Source: Okezone

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