The V Radio Bandwagon

As we revealed the faces behind V radio announcers in this article, it’s time to feature how it all began for these announcers. Fauzan, Syuli, Chris, and Firman have each different background on how they all started their career in the broadcasting world. But broadcasting is the thing that put them together.

Let’s first talk about what you love most about being an announcer.

“It’s the freedom of speech that we don’t get anywhere else except in the broadcasting studio. Agree?”


“Yes. What I also like is the fact that announcers get to listen to free songs. Most people pay for their music app subscription, but not us.”


“I love how our listeners recognize each of our voices because they listen to our program on daily basis.”


“It’s meeting new people that excite me. And that sense of intimacy where they just listen to my voice and they feel close to me.”

How long have you been in this broadcasting world?
Firman: “It has been 10 years since I got into this broadcasting scene. Took a break about a year, and then I decided to get back again, I realized that this is my passion.”
Chris: “I first worked in a radio station in 2008 and became an announcer in 2010. I remember someonce once said to me that I have to have my own voice persona, a characteristic, I’ve learned a lot since then.”
Syuli: “I’ve been a radio announcer for 18 years now. I started during my senior high school era, people underestimated me back then because I was wearing a uniform. There have been ups and downs, but I would still love to continue this road to be in this industry.”
Fauzan: “I started since 2000, took a hiatus in 2008, and started again in 2011, so it’s been 11 years for me. I’m grateful for all the years spent being an announcer.”
What is the most important key of being an announcer?
Chris: “First, of course, is confidence. If you have it, you can be whatever you want.”
Firman: “Experience is important. Going out more, meeting more people, broaden your knowledge and of course know how to speak in public. An announcer should read more books and practice on speaking.”
Fauzan: “Have a distinct character that makes listeners would recognize your voice as soon as they hear you. Have a unique personality and your own signature style.”
Syuli: “The most important thing to remember is to have your own way to engage with your listeners. We don’t talk to ourselves, we talk to a lot of audiences out there so we have to think about what they are thinking and what they feel.”
What was your turning point that moved you to become an announcer?

“There was a radio roadshow that my school held that time, a time where radio was at the highest peak of its hype. Literally everyone was listening to the radio and almost every one engaged to the radio. Since then, I looked up to announcers and figured out on how to become one. Vena Annisa was one of the notable announcers that I aspire to be.”


“People always said that I have a nice voice. I listened to the radio because of the drama, back then radio used to have a lot of drama sessions. Hilbram Dunar actually inspired me to become one, the way he delivers is very aspiring.”


“I think we’re all the same, we got interested because during that time, radio was really the coolest platform. I thought to myself how cool it would be if I were to become one, to join and be involved in the broadcasting room and actually broadcast on air. I took the chance to become an announcer when I had, and I’m one of them now.”


“I used to want to become a musician at first. But what made me to be an announcer was Ari Dagienkz and Desta in their era.”

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