The Weeknd Teases New Song “Heartless” on Black Friday

The Weeknd frontman, Abel Tesfaye has been teasing the fans with a snippet of their new music that most likely coming through on Black Friday, called “Heartless.”

Reported by NME, “Heartless” features in an advertisement for Mercedes-Benz’s new EQC model that aired last Sunday on German TV channels, while the full music video is set to be released on November 29. The track is originally written and produced by The Weeknd, Belly and the singer’s longtime producer DaHeala.
The band has been teasing the fans since August that their “Chapter VI” album is already on the way. Other hints were thrown to the awaiting fans during their show in Toronto, saying that coming to Toronto has made them inspired more than ever in a long time.
Check out the audio here:


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