The World’s 6 Worst Tourists

As every country has its own culture and habit, they also have their own way to travel the world. These habits make some countries are labeled as the worst tourists ever, so which countries are they?

  1. China
China is categorized as a country who makes the worst tourists ever. Chinese tourists have a tendency to be loud in public spaces, ruining some historical sites, degrading some cabin crew, also defecate carelessly.
  1. England
English tourists are usually nice and polite towards their surroundings when they’re sober, not when they’re high. They can be very careless and act recklessly to their neighborhood.
  1. German
Similar case with English tourists, as alcohol is their daily drinks back in German they are used to drink whenever and wherever, hence getting drunk happens quiet a lot for them.
  1. America
American tourists have a very carefree personalities, and sometimes their personalities just don’t match with the local cultures.
  1. Israel
According to writings from Yael Miller, who wrote in the Haaretz newspaper based in Tel Aviv. Travelers from Israel are notorious for being rude, impatient, noisy, and like drugs, and their habits are sometimes don’t match with the local cultures.
  1. Russia
Russian tourists tend to have a strong personalities as well where in some countries are counted to be rude and annoying.


Regardless of these classifications, what do you think about Indonesian tourist?
Source: Okezone


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