The Young and The Restless: Ranggaz Laksmana

You might be young, but you surely have to thrive on being productive…is what the following guy would say. With 56k followers on his Instagram, the 22-year-old Ranggaz Laksmana turned his influence by sharing his latest business project ventures. He is one of the Haluu’s founders—an exhibition where many Instagram’s feed contents were made of, Ranggaz is also one of the team behind the infamous Swillhouse, beef tongue-based food business Yourlangue, and the latest hype eatery Wa.Chu.Want.

A youthful age with a burning passion. Is having multiple businesses your goal?
“Honestly, I just wanted to be the son that my parents are proud of. Parallel to that, also having to explore my creativity and business to a full length, and hopefully going international.”
How do you update yourself with the trend and somehow find the gap and fill it with your own creativity?

“I got my ideas by engaging with new people—in fact, I like to converse with older and experienced people, to simply just brainstorm ideas and getting some feedbacks in return. The thing about conversing with people is that the inputs are diverse and I absorb these information, these are the type of people who have been through ups and downs. I can learn to not do the same mistakes. I also read a lot of articles online and then trying to apply them—basically learning by doing.”

Any other projects that you’re currently working on?
“Currently, the second episode of Haluu or the part two of Haluu. As for my other project, me and and the Swillhouse fam just opened an Asian restaurant called Wa.Chu.Want at the 2nd floor of Soho building in Gunawarman. I also am planning to open a shoe cleaning store at the Pondok Indah Mall.”
How would you describe yourself and how do you want people to perceive you as?

“I’d like people to see me as a hard-working person who motivates people to start their own businesses. These days, the tendency leans towards people visualizing their idea and I want to inspire more people to start act and open their own business—regardless of your age. You can go with coffee shop or food catering, or even services for taking Instagram contents. Just start your business and you’ll gain new insights throughout the process as you go.”

You worked closely with your peers who are also your colleagues, does that ever interfere the friendship?
“The key is time management. When I work, I take everything professionally, I put my mind into it and be 100% present at it, but when I’m with my friends, I don’t take my works during my quality time with them. For example, I work only on certain days and I will meet my friends and my family on the other days.”
Relationship wise, what traits of woman that attract you the most?
“I appreciate a woman who takes good care of themselves, who also understands my busy schedule. I’d be grateful to meet someone who understands my passion wholeheartedly because when I fall for someone, she’s gonna be one of my top priorities. I’m also pretty intense in terms of maintaining a stable communication.”

Ranggaz and Shania for Shot Stories, stay tuned!

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer & Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Wardrobe: Kainkan, Legiteamate, available at The F Thing
Location: Miss Jackson Jakarta

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