These 3 Simple Habits are Unexpectedly Good for Your Health

Never underestimate the power of these habits! And we believe you’ve done at least two of them…

Chewing Gum
It’s fun for some people, while others may not get it. But the truth is, chewing gum helps preserve our memory, avoid us from the temptation of smoking and good for your diet program.
Drinking Coffee
Yay, for the coffee lovers! Yes, too much coffee doesn’t do good to your health, but the habit of drinking coffee twice a day helps decrease the risk of alzheimer, diabetes, liver cancer and parkinson!
Feeling Anxious
Okay, it happens to everyone – especially when something unexpected happened. But do you to the positive effect of anxiety to our body? It’s thermogenesis, which means it burns your calories away.
So, which of these habits that’s your guilty for?
Source: Global Radio





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