All the Things You Need to Know About ARTJOG 2018

Plan to visit the annual art affair? Here’s your cheat sheet to the 11st ARTJOG!


Leave it to Jogjakarta to imprint an unforgettable memory of arts in your mind. The cultural town never ceases to spoil all the art-heads who come there for indulging in arts. Carrying the theme Enlightenment, this year’s ARTJOG was opened on 4 May 2018 and will still be there until 4 June.

From the committee’s official note, ARTJOG is an art experience that provides a melting pot for new ideas and thoughts in art. There, one may find various presentation of interdisciplinary arts. Anyone with the background of visual arts, music, dance and performing arts until creative industry would have the opportunity to meet each other. ARTJOG commits to overcome the boundaries that restrict the practice and the interpretation in art practice, and at the same time developing and maintaining the existing network between artist, market, stake holder, and public.

Jogja National Museum is the proud host of ARTJOG 2018, which features 54 artists both from Indonesia and abroad. The exhibition occupies three floors of the building, and will surely satisfy your mind for fresh arts updates.     

 Source: Okezone

Participating Artists of ARTJOG 2018

  1. Adam de Boer

  2. Aditya Novali

  3. Afdhal

  4. Agan Harahap

  5. Agung Tato Suryanto

  6. Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo

  7. Arwin Hidayat

  8. Atif Akin

  9. Awan Simatupang

  10. Bakudapan Food Study Group

  11. Bandu Darmawan

  12. Davy Linggar ft. Tulus

  13. Dipo Andy

  14. Eko Nugroho

  15. Entang Wiharso

  16. Fajar Abadi

  17. Franziska Fennert

  18. Gilang Fradika

  19. Handiwirman

  20. Hendra “Blankon” Priyadhani

  21. Heri Dono

  22. Hiromi Tango

  23. I Gusti Ngurah Udiantara (Tantin)

  24. Ichwan Noor

  25. Ika Vantiani

  26. J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra

  27. Jalaini Abu Hasan

  28. Jigger Cruz

  29. Jim Allen Abel

  30. Kexin Zhang

  31. Malcolm Smith

  32. Marcel Schwittlick

  33. Maryanto

  34. Meliantha Muliawan

  35. Mella Jaarsma

  36. Mohamad “Ucup” Yusuf

  37. Mulyana Mogus (Commissioned Artist)

  38. Nasirun

  39. Ong Hari Wahyu

  40. Patricia Untario

  41. Popok Tri Wahyudi

  42. Raphael Donny

  43. RM Soni Irawan

  44. Ronald Ventura

  45. Rudi Mantofani

  46. Samsul Arifin

  47. Setu Legi & Gatot D Sulistyanto

  48. Syagini Ratna Wulan

  49. Theresia Agustina Sitompul

  50. Uji Handoko Eko Saputro a.k.a Hahan

  51. Wawi Navarroza

  52. Wedhar Riyadi

  53. Yudi Sulistya

  54. Yuli Prayitno

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