#Throwback: The Bold 80s with Ayushita Nugraha


Sixteen Candles. The Breakfast Club. High Fidelity. You know what these movies have in common? The bold era that is the 80s! A decade of big wavy or permed hair paired with bright fashion. If you got different pattern and print in your wardrobe, or too many neon colors, well the 80s is all about pairing those up! The era added so many layers into the whole picture of fashion, music, and movie. And the next Letter F muse is all about that: having a bold style and personality that shape her own trademark as a public figure: Ayushita Nugraha.

Born in the late 80s, Ayushita was force to be reckoned with since she became the finalist of the 2004 Gadis Sampul. Today, Ayushita is one of the country’s talented actresses with a mass of fanbase.

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Seeing from your Instagram feed, you have a lot going on in your plate with all the movie projects. Could you share to us about your current activities?

“I recently just finished filming two movies: “Bid’ah Cinta” and “Kartini”. And afterwards, I also managed to have a short vacation before shooting for TV series “The East”. In between, I also promote both movies and did the post-production part, one of the movies will be released by this year, while the other one is scheduled to be released next year.”

We’ve seen sneak previews of the movie “Kartini” on Instagram. And we gotta say it has an amazing cast ensemble! Care to spill the details?

“It’s about Kartini and her struggle during her years living in such a strict confinement. It’s about how she spoke up for women to have equal rights for education. She got helps from her sisters, including Kartinah – a role that I played. The point is, back then such state of mind did actually exist and very few knew her real struggle because people tend to think that Kartini is known only to write a book and nothing else, when actually what she has done for us is so much more. They should really know what she had been through back then. And for my role, I managed to learn Dutch language, the polite version of old Javanese language, how to wear proper kebaya, walking in squat position. There are a lot of adjustments that I did for the movie.”


And you’re also known as a singer, you’ve released an album back in 2013. Any desire to release another new one in the near future?

“I’ve been wanting to, especially since a lot of my friends asked me to do a collab. I also have plans to release a solo album. But in the meantime, I helped my friend, Dimas Praditya, in the album ‘Morning Sugar’, the song was included in jazz album alongside other jazz musicians. The song is titled ‘Sweet Butterfly’, and surprisingly it was one of the most listened songs in Spotify, so there’s a possibility to do the music video.”

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Why “Morning Sugar”? Any story behind it?

“(Laughed) I requested the title, because I think that it’s a good greeting to start the day. When the song was made, I love the result and the lyrics. “

If you had to choose, which one do you like better: being an actress or a singer?

“Well, basically I like everything related to entertainment industry –presenting, acting, singing, modelling, etc. To be honest, there is the pluses and minuses in each work, but it’s all about I’m given the trust to do the job, and for that reason I will do my best. So I don’t want to choose, I love them all.”

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What do you do during your spare time?

“I like cooking a lot. I also like beauty-related activities, from exploring makeup, hairdo, to nail polish. And for sports, I really like bowling, I even joined in the league, but I no longer have the time for that. Everytime there was a tournament, it always coincided with my shooting schedule. Aside from bowling, I also love yoga and pilates. Cooking wise, I used to own a resto back in 2006, whenever there was a bazaar, I always involved and cooked. It was fun because many liked it.”

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Tells us about #AyyDailyJournal on your Instagram, do you have reason by write it down on your caption?

“Actually it was suggested by my videographer, Audrey Hafiz. He told me from a long time ago that we had to make our own hashtag in order to be personalized and searchable. The reason behind the hashtag, long before the vlogging hype, I often uploaded videos on my YouTube channel, and in the hashtag, the videos are included, from behind the scene of photoshoots, vacations, to cultural trips.”

You mentioned cooking earlier as your hobby, any other hobbies or activities you do whenever you have a free time?

“Cycling around my neighborhood. If I have a longer period of vacation, I usually go out of town or country. But lately, the simplest activity such as sleeping is fun, because I get the time to recharge. I also don’t have maid, so I did all the house chores myself, from cleaning the house, washing the dirty clothes, there’s a sense of satisfaction if there’s not a lot of dirty clothes piling up. I also explore my wardrobe, choosing the ones that I no longer wear and give them to others, because I always buy new clothes every month that I rarely wear, and it takes longer time if I have to iron (all the new yet rarely) clothes to by myself.”

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Now, 3 words to describe yourself!

“Fun, impulsive and easy-going.”

What do you see yourself in the next five years?

“Five years? Whoa, that’s quite heavy. But I hope I already have my own house, running new bussiness that I long for so long –but I keep it for myself for now-, and hopefully starting my own family. I also want to take short courses abroad, and traveling at least once a year –that’s important, and spend more time with my family.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Makeup and Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Videographer: Moody Elisha
Video Editor: Mario Raymond
Assistant to Photographer: Charisma Agni
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa
Runner: Nurul
Wardrobe and bag: Hay United, Moscato, Luna Habit, Acts and Nila Anthony available at TheFThing.com
Shoes: Ayushita’s own.

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