#Throwback: Ifang&Ifong of FARA Official

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Letter F continues with the last designers in the list: please welcome Ifang and Ifong Rahardjo of FARA Official! The Surabaya-based sisters have always had a big passion for fashion. As the eldest, Ifong is a chic and stylish housewife who adores fashion a lot and basically wants to have her fashion line with her little sister, Ifang. The youngest studied fashion in Arva Fashion School in Surabaya, and right after she graduated, she brainstormed the basic concept of today’s FARA with Ifong.

Hi, Ifang and Ifong. First of all, please tell us the process about the installment of FARA’s first collection?

Ifang: “Well, FARA was launched in June 2016. The major theme for the collection was ‘Sullen’, we took a darkish color tone. You wouldn’t expect that I got the inspirations from birds. I thought about birds flying around and I thought, twig patterns would be nice. Then after that, Ifong helped me a lot with the style and design. Although I drew the sketches by myself, but Ifong’s inputs are crucial because we exude the same style vibes and we can mix and match it anytime we want. FARA is a perfect presentation of our style combination. Hopefully, we will launch the second collection later this year.”


“We decided to use printed-material so we can stamped it as FARA’s signature. The printed-pattern only applies in certain designs, we want it to be our trademark.”

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Every process has a rough and difficult times. Do tell us about FARA’s?

Ifang: “We have to blend two ideas and egos and find the solution to create fashion pieces. At first, we are puzzled about the main theme. And at that time, I had around 30 sketches and when Ifong gave her insights, that’s when brainstorming happens and I recreate the designs. It took us 6 months to do the bits and bobs of our clothing line, we were stressed out. Quite hard to find the middle solution that suits both our likings, from finding the right fabric, colors to patterns for the collection.”

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Ifong: “Even after the production of the clothes, we still had a hard time. During the photoshoot campaign, we had two different visions. Plus, there was a trouble concerning the photographer. It was a bit hectic. Overall, we spent a year to launch FARA after we discovered the main idea.”

You mentioned about the upcoming collection that is still in the process. Can we get a little sneak peak about it?

Ifang: “Yes. There is a high possibility that we will launch the second collection in a few months. But I can’t tell you the theme yet. For the upcoming collection, we will have more dress than jumpsuit and for the style wise, it won’t be much different from the first one.”

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Then, what do you think about fashion in your life?


“It’s basically my life. Because everyday is fashion show. Honestly, I always dress up whenever I leave the house. I like my style neat and tidy – it bothers me when people catch a messy me. And I think, that kind of style also represents FARA. People will look FARA in a positive way.”

Ifong: “Fashion can be applied in everyday lilfe. Same with Ifang, I can’t leave the house undressed. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t look proper.”

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Signature style?


“Neat and elegant. And a bit edgy.”


“I’m more classic with a sexy twist.”

Fave designers?

Ifang: “I do have, Tony Matičevski – a Melbourne-based designer. He’s that good on designing his clothes. I also like Peggy Hartanto a lot.”

Ifong: “Beside Tony Matičevski, I like Sapto Djojokartiko’s creations.”

How about your favorite fashion brand?

Ifong: “I don’t have one particular brand in mind. Because usually, I just like one or two clothes from the entire collection of one brand.”

Ifang: “We are so much alike. I have the same answer like Ifong.”

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What’s your FARA’s 5 years plan?

Ifang: “I hope FARA will go international and can be found in some places and countries, to be a more well-known brand and more successful. And the important thing is I hope people are more aware with FARA. Hopefully in 5 years, a mass of people are aware our brand.”

Ifong: “I want FARA to join Fashion Week in the fashion cities like New York or Paris.”

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Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA&Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Runner: Nurul
Wardrobe: FARA Official, available at TheFThing.com
Accessories: B.Lab, available at TheFThing.com

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