#Throwback: Jovi and Sarah Hunter

Blood is indeed thicker than water. Your sibling is one of the reasons that your life is painted in many colorful ways. This formula also occurs in Letter F muse: the Hunter siblings, Jovi Adhiguna and Sarah Ayu. And when it comes to these two vloggers, the photoshoot at Warung Turki, Kemang was going to be fun. It started off with Jovi being a guest on Sarah’s vlog, and before you know it, the two are the most popular sibling in the social media world.

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz29jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz8 Jovi loves fashion, and he knows how to mix and match well. In one of his vlogs, Jovi shared his view towards fashion: genderless. That fashion is a universal passion covering every trend there is, and that it’s not limited to gender. While Sarah has always been into makeup. From the perfect shade of lipstick, which bronzer compliments one’s face, to the eyebrows on fleek game, Sarah is your go-to vlogger. The two are known as The Hunter Siblings. For few years now, they’ve been invited to a heap of fashion and beauty events, both as a guest as well as a spokeperson.

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz17

Hi, Jovi and Sarah! What is your current activity?

Jovi: “I’m still vlogging now. But I have two more collaboration projects with two local brands, they’re all fashion related. In this project, we donate the amount of every purchase to the animals. And since I’m an animal lover, I’m very pleased to do the projects.”

Sarah: “Besides vlogging and managing my social media accounts, my schedule is also packed with photoshoots for magazine. I also have a project with Maybelline and L’Oréal to promote their new products.”

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz9

What is your very first idea when you decided to make a vlog?

Jovi: “Actually my sister pushed me to make one. At that time, I planned to launch my own brand and it was a good idea to promote my brand. But later on, I was hooked in making my own vlog.”

Sarah: “I started vlogging on January 2015 out of boredom and had a lot of spare time, so I spent my time watching YouTube videos. At that time, I also just learned makeup, so I decided to make a video. In my first video, the quality wasn’t good enough, but I already had viewers. It flattered me. And I decided to keep making vlogs, the quality improves as time goes by.”

When you of vlog, do you have a time management or schedule board, so you won’t forget what to do and whatnot?

Jovi: “To be honest, I wanted to post two videos in a week, but it all depends on my activities; if it is too hectic I’d skip it. So it’s kinda impossible to put a schedule board. Although I’m planning on doing it.”

Sarah: “Unfortunately, I’m taking a break right now. But I hope I can post at least one video per week in the future.”

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz12

Sarah: top and outer by Khanaan, necklace by Azilea and Jovi: top by Khanaan and bottom by ATJC

What inspires you to do your vlog?

Jovi: “For my daily video, I don’t have to think about one particular idea because it’s about my real activities, so I just shot it. But apart from that, I think I can get many ideas from everywhere, from YouTube even—the challenges and whatnot.”

Sarah: “I got the inspiration from Instagram and YouTube. I also follow the trends on social media, so I can apply it in my next video. Or I usually read the comments, sometimes they gave me suggestions on what to do next. And when I got the idea and the whole overview in my mind, I just did the makeup unrehearsed. Go with the flow, I guess. And it only took two hours of recording – but I did more effort on editing.”

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz32

Sarah and Jovi: dress by Khanaan

You don’t forget to put on a makeup in every video, and your makeup skill is lit. Where do you learn about makeup?

Jovi: “I self-taught my own makeup. My background is drawing (Jovi majored in Fashion Design in uni), so I get the chance to hone my drawing skill whenever I put my makeup on. To be honest I’m not really into makeup, I’m more into fashion. And since my sister focuses more on makeup, I learned from her about the products and all.”

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz19


“I never took a makeup school, so I completely learned about makeup through YouTube. And my favorite makeup gurus from YouTube are probably KathleenLights and Manny Mua.”

What’s your signature style?

Jovi: “All black. Everything is black. I dont even know why I dressed up as if  I was about to attend a funeral. (laughs)

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz18
Sarah: “I don’t have much of a difference from my brother though, I love dark colors like black. The most important is I feel comfortable wearing the clothes.”

When did you start develop a passion in fashion?

Jovi: “I’ve always had a bit of eccentric accent to my style. It started when I was a kid, I loved to draw and watch animes like Cardcaptor Sakura, so I combined two things that I loved; I drew its costumes and such. It was the root, then I began to know internet and got insights to a broader world of fashion.”

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz31

Do you have the craziest behind the scene moment ever while you’re vlogging?

Jovi: “I think all my videos have the craziest BTS (laughs). But the memorable one was when I started making a vlog. Because I had to go public with the camera everywhere I go, and that time people were still unfamiliar with that. Maybe they thought I was weird or something like that.”

Sarah: “I mostly did my videos at home and there was a time when I recorded the video while I did my makeup, the power failed. I had to wait around an hour and completed my half-finished makeup.”

So what is your memorable video that you ever posted?

Sarah: “My gold eye makeup turorial is my favorite! I’m so proud of my editing skill in the video. I did that with so much passion.”

Besides vlogging, makeup and fashion, do you have another hobby?

Jovi: “Swimming! I’m a mermaid actually (laughs). Been awhile since I go for a swim.”

Sarah: “I used to draw, but recently I ran out of idea. So no other hobby at the moment.”

jovi adhiguna sarah ayu bomagz30

Location: Warung Turki by Turkuaz, Kemang
Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA and Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Accessories: Necklace by Azilea
Wardrobe: Anakara, Khanaan, ATJC, and Black Ribbon, all available at TheFThing.com

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