#Throwback: Ling Ling Gunawan

Letter F is about featuring the beautiful Rosalindynata Gunawan, also known as Ling Ling (@linguling). This designer, who was born on September 16th, 1988, has developed her love for fine arts and fashion into a flourishing kidswear brand, Bubble Girl. A brand-child of Sebastian Gunawan, uncle of Rosalindynata Gunawan, who is also a famous designer in Indonesia. Read more to dig in to her personality and passion in the fashion industry as both a designer and fashion influencer!


Other than Bubble Girl, could you share with us your current activities?

“I spent most of my time designing for Bubble Girl, right now we are preparing for our Christmas annual fashion show, which will be held on early December, so stay tuned!”

What is it about fashion that moves you to dig deep in the industry?

“I was more interested in fine arts at first. For me, fashion was just something fun, but once you understand the theory, the sociology and history behind it, it will fascinate you.”


As the niece of one of Indonesia’s most famous fashion designers, Sebastian Gunawan, was he your first fashion role model?

“I learned a lot about designing and work ethics, so I would say that he’s more like a mentor to me. My role model would be Carine Roitfeld, I love her work, her attitude and her philosophy.”

Now about lifestyle, could you share your secrets on maintaining your amazing figure?

“I’ve been running for over 5 years now, but I’ve never joined the marathon, I run for my own pleasure. On top of that, I do Pilates as well. The latest exercise trend that gets my attention and has been on my regular routine is Barre Bootcamp.”


In maintaining your looks, do you have tips/secrets for hair or facial care?

“Definitely portion control, abs are made in the kitchen.”

Where does “@linguling” come from?

“My closest friends call me lingu, and lingling was taken on instagram. Hence, linguling was chosen.”

When did you start being active on Instagram?

“I’ve had the account for years now but I guess it became popular around 3 years ago.”

Describe your style in 3 words?

“Tailored, chic, effortless.”

If you can wear one outfit forever, what would it be?

“A perfectly tailored suit.”

Any favorite quotes?

“This too shall pass.”

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What are your hobbies? And favorite book / food / place in the world?

“I love to knit, I know it is a bit grandma-ish.  My favourite book would be anything by Mark Twain, my favourite food is pasta and my favourite place in the world would be Switzerland.”

Where do you see yourself in 12 months and 5 years?

“I would love to put Bubble Girl on the international market, in 5 years I would probably be living in London.”


Quick Questions Sesh!

Would you rather…
Be able to fly? Or, be invisible? Fly.
Sing better than Beyonce or run faster than Usain Bolt? No one can beat Beyonce, so I’ll go with running.
Make a clone of yourself or have a dog who can talk? Dog who can talk!
See the future or read minds? Neither.
Have twins or have a twin? Have a twin.
Live for 1000 years or live 10 separate lives of 100 years? 10 separate lives of 100 years.
Speak all languages fluently or be best at any one thing of your choice? Be best in the world at one thing of my choice.
Wear a snow suit in a desert or wear a bikini in Antarctica? Neither cause I would die!
Be able to detect a lie or have any lie you tell believed? Be able to detect a lie.
Live in the past or live in the future? Live in the past say in the 20’s perhaps.


Have you ever…
Liked your own picture on social media? Yes.
Kept a secret from a best friend? No.
Worn the same clothes as someone else at an event? Hell yes.
Taken part in a talent show? No.
Broken something on purpose and nobody found it out? No.
Been vegetarian? Nope.
Cut your own hair? Yes.
Been lost in a shopping mall? Yes.
Stolen anything? No.


Writer: Venska Adelia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA and Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Tops by Epershand and Choker by B.Lab, available at TheFThing.com

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