#Throwback: Movie Talk from The Eyes of Lukman Sardi

The next actor is the method actor Lukman Sardi, who starred in more than 50 movies. Born in an artistic– Idris Sardi as his father, a famous Indonesian violist who often arranged soundtrack for movies, made Lukman realised his passion in acting since he was little. This 45-year-old actor has been honing his acting skill for more than 30 years, he was the Chairman of Indonesian Film Festival committee of 2016. His current activities still involve around filmmaking, from festival films to big screen ones, and his role as Creative Producer of MNC Pictures. Currently, he’s busy making new films with MNC Pictures.

Thanks to his talent, Lukman has won 10 awards and 11 another nominations, one of which is Best Supporting Actor for Gie in Indonesian Festival Film. And his acting in Rectoverso as Abang in 2013 won him three awards for Best Actor, Best Chemistry with Dewi Irawan in Indonesian Movie Award and Best Actor in Maya Awards, and two other nominations; Best Leading Actor in Indonesian Film festival and Favorite Actor in Indonesian Movie Award. Within many characters that he has played in various movies, he is simply a man with 1000 faces.


You’ve been in the industry since you were little, but tell us, how did it all start?

“My father worked with people in the film industry and one of his friends, the director Wim Umboh, was offered me a role as a son. I accepted the role and Kembang-Kembang Plastik became my first movie in 1977. Ever since, Wim Umboh asked me to play in his movies again, Pengemis dan Tukang Becak in 1978, and I won the Best Child Actor in Indonesian Film Festival thanks to the movie. I went on and starred in other 8 films. Time goes by, and I went on a hiatus since I had to finish my studies. In 2004, one of my friends was part of casting team for Gie, a film made by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza, and offered me to join the casting. Then I did and I got the role. That was the moment where I felt like filming is meant for me, I enjoyed every processAnd from that film. Initially, I felt like I needed to find a different path since my family was already involved in the art industry. But God led me take the same path, the artistic side of me is still thick. I can’t escape from it.”


Name one of the most memorable scenes or films throughout your entire career.

Gie has a big impact for me, my turning point to revisit the industry. And it was my main reason to focus more on being an actor. It was my best decision ever. Because after I played in Gie, the offers keep coming; from 9 Naga, Berbagi Suami, Quickie Express, Nagabonar Jadi 2 and so on.”


Starring in movie leads you to act with both new as well as senior actors, do you have a hidden wish about which actor/actress that you would love to be in the same frame with?

“When I was a kid, I had the chance to act with Christine Hakim in Pengemis dan Tukang Becak, I played as her son. But I have yet to have the chance to play in the same movie with her again. Also, if I could, I would like to act with Soekarno M. Noor, because he was one of the best actors in Indonesia. He could do many characters and did them all well. Not many people know him, but he was one of the best Indonesian actors of all time in my book.”

Who or what inspires you the most?

“I adore Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn. (The list of film of) Daniel Day-Lewis is not that long, but he often got nominated in Academy Awards once he made a new movie. (Both DDL and Sean Penn) push me to be a better actor. It doesn’t mean I want to be (exactly) like them, to me, each actor has their own charm.”

And how do you get into character?

“Everyday in your life, you basically act. Do you realize that? Everytime you meet someone, you will do a various way of acts, to your friends, for instance. But when you are an actor, you study them deeply, so that’s why we called it acting.”


“Personally, I will read the script four times. First, to know how the story is, the second and the third I will learn about the script carefully and the last time, I will dispart scene by scene. Each scene has its own meaning. The meaning of the scene really makes the film, the role, and the acting more relevant and meaningful. But when I have to play a famous figure, I need to learn and do a research about him. From books, people that know the said figure, these things help me to create the figure in me. The same way goes to a fictional character, I usually imagine him with a certain background from the script, so there is a silver lining between me and the character. After that, I do the reading phase and workshop to synchronize the chemistry.”


So tell us, which is the hardest character to you’ve ever played?

“All of them, they all have souls. So they aren’t equal at all. Every scene, character, and movie have their own souls, even in comedy movies because it’s not easy to make people laugh.”

As per now you are a also a director, any favorite director and your favorite movie from them?

“I like Sjumanjaja, Aksan Sjuman’s father, and my favorite movie from him is Si Mamad (1973). It talks about social critisism in an interesting way. Sjumanjaja is a graduate from a film school in Rusia. I like Clint Eastwood, because his films have a deep meaning. Even the simple one, it’s still meaningful. Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River and Sully.”


Any wildest dreams that you have yet to achieve?

“My wildest dream? A bit cliche, but as an actor I would like to star in a film with Sean Penn or Daniel Day-Lewis.”

To conclude them all, what is your fave quote to live by?

“It’s ‘we aren’t feel grateful because we are joyful, but rather we feel joyful because we always are be grateful’. So for me, enjoy your life and be grateful of it, you will be at peace.”


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