Tips Fashionable dari Naura Hakim

A model who’s risen to fame showcases her life and career on Instagram (@naura21), Naura Hakim, gathered over 60,000 followers in her social media platform and has been currently repped by Future Models.

Karena Naura mempunyai ambisi dan mimpi untuk menjadi model sejak umur dini, akhirnya ia berpartisipasi di kompetisi modeling Gadis Sampul di tahun 2016 ketika  masih 16 tahun. Walaupun Naura bilang bahwa dia sempat pupus harapan untuk menjadi model karena gayanya yang tomboy, she still persisted to pursue her dream to be a model come true. While doing our virtual photoshoot session, we also asked the 20-year-old model regarding her fashion preferences and also the importance of looking fashionable in her age.

Do you follow trend or do you go with your own trend?
“My personal style itu lebih ke kasual. Gue biasanya makai sweater atau kaos, baggy pants, atau cuma jeans. And I always wear black or dark colors, because I personally think that it’s my signature style. Terus gue lebih seek comfort in the clothes I wear. That’s why, as you guys can see, outfit gue tuh selalu itu-itu aja, simple and timeless, but would still look pop out in the eyes of others. Kalau ditanya follow trend atau nggak, gue itu dua-duanya. I would follow a trend if it really attracts me dan juga kalau gue nyaman untuk makainya. I honestly don’t really care yang penting gue happy.”
Sometimes people don’t pay attention to their looks, which we beg to differ because first impression matters most. What do you think?

Yes, I do think it’s really important. Karena, like it or not, nyatanya orang-orang mandang banget lo dari gaya lo berpakaian. So, it’s important to pay attention to what you wear, karena bisa aja apa yang kita pakai bisa jadi inspirasi untuk yang lainnya. What Gen Z should know about fashion is that size doesn’t matter, but your confidence does. Wear something that you’re comfortable in, karena di saat lo percaya diri dengan apa yang lo pakai, lo akan terlihat confident and that’s what would make you look good.”

Any personal styling tips and tricks?
I always seek fashion inspirations from either Instagram or Pinterest before I style myself and it helps a lot. One tip from me is: that you have to trust your instinct and be authentic because something that makes you feel confident and beautiful is never out of style. Kalau trik dari gue mungkin just continue to experiment with different patterns, accessories, shoes, bags, anything, dan jangan fokus ke satu elemen aja. Own your style, be proud of it and embrace your creativity in styling yourself. That’s the way you express who you are and who you want to be.
What makes one look fashionable for you?

It depends on how people perceive the meaning of fashionable itself karena kalau misalkan guenganggep satu orang itu fashionable bukan berarti buat orang lain dia fashionable. It is important to be fashionable as long as we’re still comfortable with our own style. Everyone has their own taste of style. Elemen-elemennya itu adalah rasa kepercayaan diri lo, ide kreatifitas lo, dan apakah lo nyaman make outfit itu.”

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