Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth are in Bali

Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland are known to be visiting Bali.

The arrival of Tom and Chris was also recorded and uploaded by Twitter users @sss_yunhyeong. “Tom Holland is welcome to Bali,” he wrote in the video. In the video, he also expressed his welcome to the cast of Spider-Man.
Tom’s arrival to Bali himself was announced through his Twitter account some time ago. On his post, Tom Holland mentioned that he was going to Bali to promote Spider-Man: Far From Home. definitely is far from home, Tom’s arrival was welcomed by some fans in Bali and many photos are spread around the internet–alarming some Indonesian fans for the actor’s visit.
Not long after the sudden news of Tom’s visit in the country, another news surprised the internet with another stop the God of Thunder–Thor aka Chris Hemsworth. The news comes from one of the Marvel movies’ crews, Aaron Grist through his Instagram account. Grist uploaded a number of stories showing that he was on a plane bound for Bali with the Hemsworth brothers–Chris and Liam, also with several other colleagues enjoying a local Indonesian beers.
Source: Global Radio

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