Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are Elf Brothers in Onward

The first trailer for the studio’s new movie, Onward has released and it takes us to a pair of elf brothers that are voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. Tom and Chris are portraying the blue elf brothers, named Ian and Barney Lightfoot, and they’re about to tell their stories on Onward.

Onward is a studio movie that is telling a story about a journey of two brothers to find out the existence of magic. The two are going on a long expedition in order to spend one last day with their father who have died when they were young.
Directed and co-written by Monsters University’s Dan Scanlon, the movie is heavily inspired by his own relationship with his brother, meanwhile the movie’s producer Kori Rae compliments Tom that, “He has an infectious charm and sincerity that makes you root for him in every character he plays.”
Onward will be coming to your theatre on March 6th 2020, and stay tuned for more info about it on
Source: Global Radio

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