Tom Holland, the Man Between Disney and Sony’s Reunion

Sony and Disney has officially terminated their cooperation for Spiderman’s movies back in August.

After making the MCU’s fans weep for the heartbreak decision between the two, the big roles for Spiderman then decided to reunite for the future movies of Spiderman in September. But not many know that the man behind Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland had an actual role on the reunion of Disney ad Sony.
After the separation of Sony and Disney through Spiderman: Far From Home movie, Tom Holland, the actor who plays Peter Parker is said to have his own ways to make the reunification between Disney and Sony happened. Tom is said to have himself met the Sony’s Chairman, Tom Rothman and Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger himself to negotiate with both of them. As the man behind the red and blue costume, Tom tried his best to make these powerful two to put the future of Spiderman’s stories aside of any other thing.
By the end of September, Tom’s efforts come to light as Sony and Disney decided to reunite for the future of Spiderman. His heroic negotiation is praised all across the globe for actually saving Spiderman from being erased from MCU.


Source: OKZ

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