Top 5 Local Mountains for Beginner Climbers

There is no mountains too high, it’s just how much your courage to conquer the high ground. For most city boys, maybe trekking to hills or mountain can be a little difficult. You sometimes are just afraid with the circumstances during the climb. Not to mention the difficult tracks in the mountains. Fear not, there are lotsa mountains in Indonesia to explore, especially for you, the first timers.

 Mount Gede Pangrango

This mountain has the easiest track for the pro, but for the first timer you can have a precious experience while trekking the track. On the top of it, you will find a field of edelweiss flower.

Mount Nglanggeran

Located in Gunungkidul, this terrifying-looking mountain has actually a friendly track for the beginner. Known as an ancient volcano, you can reach the top of the mountain in one hour, but always be careful with its slippery track.

Mount Papandayan

Having a 8,747 feet height, the mount has a very simple track, even for kids! Also, the area is an actual popular tourist site. Don’t forget to snap a picture of two when you pass Hutan Mati field. It’s so mesmerizing!

Mount Ijen

The only hard thing to trekking on this mount is we have to wake up at 2AM, to finally watch the beautiful sunrise and its famous blue fire crater. The latter is even mentioned by National Geographic as one of the best trait from Mount Ijen.

Mount Prau

As the highest peak in Dieng Plateau, Mount Prau has a breathtaking scenery. The track itself is quite easy, and you will find many hikers there so you are always free to ask for their help. Psst, pay attention to the mountain beautiful spots during your hiking.


Source: Mister Aladin 

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