Top 5 Must-Visit Cities for the Clubgoers

Clubs, bars, pubs, to music festival, or even anything else, some big cities have it all. If you are going on holiday in big cities and looking for a bit fun with late nights, hungover mornings, and a guaranteed good time – you should know these festive cities that don’t sleep. Sleep is for the weak anyway, so head on to our list of cities with best nightlife scenes.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you are looking for the wildest of the wild, with a high chance of tango involved, don’t hesitate to fly to Buenos Aires. Palermo Soho knows how to party. And everything is beautiful at night, especially the wine.

Berlin, Germany

Since the city is young and vibrant, it’s always a good choice for a night out. A night in Berlin goes far beyond German beer. The city is full of trendy bars, clubs, to pubs. Try to come here on October, just because, of course, it’s Oktoberfest!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

While you’re there, you have to dance the night away till the sun rises. The grungier the bar, the better the party. Just like what Toretto said in Fast and Furious franchise, ‘This is Brazil’, and it sums up all about nightlife in this Marvelous City.

Tokyo, Japan

Seriously, we ain’t even lying when we say Tokyo is a city that never sleeps, it’s not just a neon sign galore either. With sake bombs, loud karaoke songs, and more whiskey than in Tennessee, Tokyo is one of the cities with a festive nightlife.

Las Vegas, USA

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We just can’t leave out Las Vegas for this kind of list, can we? The city is one of the few cities where you don’t have to leave your room to have fun – or to find trouble. Clubs, bars, and gambling – what could go wrong, eh? We mean, they don’t call it Sin City for nothing.

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