Top 6 Classic Menu for Christmas Dinner

As the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas is the long-awaited holiday – not only for kids, but adults also. Decorating the house and pine tree with Christmas ornaments with your family are as joyful as ever. But you know already that the highlight of the day is about the Christmas dinner – when family and friends gather together over food to celebrate the holidays. Here’s our selection of Christmas dinner menu that will surely make both your stomach and heart happy!

Quick Brandy Eggnog
It’s a holiday classic and favorite party drink to enjoy at Christmas time.
Prime Rib Roast
You will never go wrong serving a prime rib during Christmas – it’ll easily woo your guests.
Roast Christmas Goose
A flavorful and moist goose brings back the Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ onto your table as it’s the star of your dinner menu.
Traditional Yorkshire Pudding
This classic puffed-up pastry pudding with beef dripping is perfect companion for roasted-kind of menu!
Roasted Potato with Parmesan Cheese
Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside? These savory potatoes are the answer! Serve with the beef and warm cream soup.
Tomato Soup
This hot and creamy soup is wonderful with all the menus above. It’s a perfect first course at your Christmas dinner party.

While the menus are all set, you have to dress up and look pretty for the Christmas dinner. Complete your look from Reeves Studio at The F Thing.


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