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You don’t need to look for a cool outfit from international brands to look trendy, local brands also have a list of fashion brands that are no less cool and more up to date. Lately, the Indonesian fashion scene has developed quite rapidly. Many young designers have produced their best work in the fashion industry. This is also directly proportional to the emergence of various local brands whose products are widely sold in well-known online marketplaces. Starting from distributions and online stores, quite a lot of local fashion brands have penetrated the international market.

No wonder, the design and quality of the clothing offered are able to compete with international well-known brands. So, you could say, local clothing brands created by Indonesian youths do not rely solely on creativity in producing quality clothing, but also innovation in the field of trends and marketing strategies.

Early this year, The F Thing has released various premium brands along with its newest feature: ‘Premium Store’. Many exclusive local brands have now joined The F Thing to provide more choices in online shopping for fashion lovers who also aim to reach a significant percentage of the target market. Here is a list of some premium local brand that you can find on The F Thing’s premium store.

Every woman always wants to look fabulous. Unfortunately, most of the time being fabulous means less comfort. RAEGITAZORO’s mission is to overcome that problem and helping you being comfortably fashionable. Their logo consists of a reversed R and Z letter surrounded by a circle to represent the initial of the designer. Reversed letters shows the character of the brand which tend to be unique and dare to offer something different. The circle surrounding RZ letter with 3 touching point shows the balance the brand’s DNA: Neon, Energetic, and Quirky.
Tities Sapoetra Official is one of the brands own by Tities Sapoetra. The collection serving something playful which represent printing technique, biding, patterns and embroidery. Tities Sapoetra Official offers the best quality product apparel.
Rockologist was founded in 2015 as a bespoke supplier of bench made wedding rings. One of their ambitions is to make handmade pieces as accessible to as many people as possible, so more can discover and appreciate this unique craft. Apart from the bench made process and authenticity of materials, there is one more aspect that sets Rockologist apart and drives the team to deliver passionate results.
Established in 1975, Lino and Sons is now one of the biggest jewelry manufacturer and exporter in Indonesia. Lino and Sons is globally oriented company whose export markets include various countries in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. Lino and Sons strives to provide customers with the highest quality jewelry, design innovation, and cutting-edge technology. Their products that includes lifestyle and fashion jewelry are always up to date, unique and trendy since they always apply the latest designs that keep up with the times and they will continue to make designs that comply with international quality standards.

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