Trailer of Maleficent 2, Mistress of Evil Takes to Where She Comes From

In the new trailer of Maleficent 2, Mistress of Evil, Maleficent found her kind.

Disney Studios has released the second trailer of Maleficent 2, Mistress of Evil on July 6th 2019. The trailer shows another important of the movie where the Queen shows a clear dissatisfaction toward the dark fairy’s involvement to Aurora’s wedding with Prince Philipp. An argument that turns into a big war between the royal family and the dark fairy herself. Through the stunning visual shown through the trailer, the fans can also see another big reveal where Maleficent meets her kind for the first time in the movie and finding out where she comes from.
The sequel introduces the fans to another crucial characters in the Queen Ingrith and King John played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Lindsay. Some characters from the first movie also made another scenes this time, with Aurora by Elle Fanning and Diaval by Sam Riley. However, Prince Philipp will no longer be played by the previous actor, Brenton Thwaites as there are some schedules conflicts with his other movie, hence the true love role will be replaced by Harris Dickinson.
Maleficent 2, Mistress of Evil will be hitting the big screen on October 16th 2019. Here is the trailer of the movie:

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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