Travel Tips by Hollywood’s Tinseltowns

As if worrying about different time zones and outfits to take/wear isn’t enough, your skin also demands major attention on a flight. Well, good thing these lovely celebrities dished out their tried-and-tested beauty secrets during traveling, so you can keep your skin as flawless and refreshed as they do.


Shay Mitchell
“I never wear makeup on a flight. I’ll wait until the plane has landed, go into the bathroom and then I apply a full face, but not while I’m up in the air because that’s always when I get a little surprise. Pimple mountain comes out when I land. Instead, I’ll do a hydration mask and leave it at that.”


Lauren Conrad


“Toting around a ton of liquids can get messy, heavy, and might not meet TSA flight restrictions without transferring all your full-size products into smaller bottles. When I’m packing light, I like to make things easy by bringing along facial cleansing, nail polish remover, and even deodorant, all in the form of wipes.”


Emma Stone


“My skin is chronically dry, so when I’m traveling I take a small bottle of Argan Oil with me. I basically have to put oils on my skin because it feels like I can’t move my face if I don’t!”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


“Ask for the biggest bottle of water they can provide and try to drink at least 3–4 liters. I also change straight into comfortable clothes, folding and hanging my airport outfit to avoid any creases.”


Gwyneth Paltrow
“I drink tons of water and try and stay really well-moisturised but I’ll also spritz colloidal silver all over the seat, because it’s a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Supplements-wise, I take loads of vitamin C and have this magnesium and calcium packet that I put in my water as magnesium is really calming on your nervous system. After a plane ride I always try to have a good steam and sweat but more than anything my best advice is to wear sunglasses when you get off the plane!”


Miranda Kerr


“I put on my rosehip oil – it’s really good to put it on in the plane. Sometimes I’ll spray my citrus mist or my rose mist. Then when I get to the hotel I use my hydrating mask, because it really helps after the long haul flight.”

Source: HighEnd Teen

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