Traveler in Style: Rachel Theresia

With a massive growth of social media, there are a lot of people find their right platforms to show their hobbies. One of them is Rachel Theresia. In such a young age, she already gained much over her hobby: travelling. Tere – her nickname, said that she was accidentally jumped to the social media influencer. Though she feels happy with his current job right now, she also shares some of her burden of being famous in social media. Let’s hear her story about being an influencer.

Current activity right now?

“Although I’m busy being a content creator, I’m still focused on my college. I take a Fashion Management major, and it helps me to combine my job with my school. I mean travel and fashion aren’t so much different, right?”

Which one do you like it better? Named as an influencer or celebgram? And what is like being one?

“Okay so I started this whole thing back in 2014. And I like influencer tittle more than celebgram. To think about it again, being one is fun. It gives you so much knowledge, as well as experience. But it’s just like another occupation; there are its ups and downs. Since I focus more on travel scene, I sometimes feel tired after the trip. Or little things like miscommunication from the client. Stuff like that happened, but I’m content with it.”

Is there any moral burden whenever you post new content thru your Instagram?

“I feel that a lot actually. People are watching and commenting, most of the time. It’s like when I uploaded new post while wearing swimwear or bikini, they would still have something to say in the comment section. I didn’t put a sexy pose or something, but they still pointed fingers at me. Sometimes I need to double check everything before I release them. But I’m still trying to be as real as I am. I don’t want to create a whole new image rather than my own personality.”

Did bad comments ever affect you in many ways?

“Thank God I didn’t think about it a lot. For me they’re just filling up their spare time and pour hate to others. But in a positive way, I just think that I should be doing better because there are people watching you and all, it means you mean something to everyone. Let’s just say that people care enough about me to criticize me.”

Good and bad side that you experience during these time?

“It’s same old, same old. The bad side from my job is the hateful comment, and all that jazz. Even the ridiculous comment like, ‘Why are you going to Japan a lot? Don’t you have another destination?’ when I went to Japan last time. I mean, if you only come to my account to bash me, then don’t follow my account.”

Have you ever blocked someone because of their comment?

“I did. If they commented in a very inappropriate words, then I’d block them in a heartbeat.”

If you aren’t doing all of these, what would you be?

“I have this ambition of being a fashion buyer. I probably will focus on that later. My major happen to be in a fashion scene, so I’ll give it a go later.”

What do you see yourself for the next five years?

“Maybe I will be a content creator, but I hope I’d level up by that time. I still want to do this.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Digital imaging: Dela Naufalia 
Videographer: Iqbal Safie
Location: Odysseia, Pacific Place

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