Tren Fashion Pria 2020: Pockets Aplenty

Salah satu tren yang diikuti banyak label baju pria adalah perkantongan duniawi. Semakin banyak dan semakin besar menjadi statement. Dilihat dari tendensi Spring/Summer 2020 lalu, banyak banget motif dan disain yang langsung diterjemahkan oleh para brand lokal dan internasional. Selain tie dye, ternyata all designers are agreeing that big size pockets are in.

Mengutip mengenai tren ini,

It might have something to do with Virgil Abloh’s pocket-heavy turns at Louis Vuitton, but for Spring/Summer 2020 many-pocketed outerwear items are everywhere. The key pieces? Field jackets, safari jackets and field-safari hybrids. From the many-pocketed hooded cargo jackets at Prada and ultra-luxe suede and leather styles at Fendi and Tod’s to the low-key canvas and cotton styles at Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Canali, the standout piece for the season is a jacquard field jacket from Tiger Of Sweden. Turns out that for SS20 “function” is far from a dirty word. The look was at its most extreme at Virgil Abloh’s third outing for Louis Vuitton, where multi-pleated field and safari jackets walked the runway alongside pastel suits and flower-adorned holdalls.

GQ juga mengemukakan bahwa many fashion houses this season imagined jackets that can hold a plethora of items. No need to travel with extra weight, keep only the essentials. Di web The F Thing, brand seperti W.Essentiels, Von Dutch, Mon Akita, Saku Basic, DAMN! I Love Indonesia, dan Saint York juga mengadaptasi tren ini.


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