Trending On Internet:  First Salary for the Reputable University’s Graduate

Internet went down with rage after someone unanimous posted a screenshot of his friend’s update on Instastory, talking about his offered salary as a fresh graduate from a reputable university.

Through his Instastory, a fresh graduate who is still remain unknown updating his frustration on the internet after a job interview, specifically caused by his salary offer that is apparently below his expectation. According to the post, the former student believes he deserves some higher number, considering the fact that he’s coming from a reputable university.


So, I just finished an interview with a local company and they only offered me with 8 milions rupiah. Excuse me sir? I’m graduated from University of Indonesia!! University of Indonesia!! Do not equalize me with some other graduates from other universities please. UI has its own class with some international companies so as long as the salary is suitable, local company is fine.”
His post then went viral and set on the trending topics with hashtags #Gaji8Juta #LulusanUI. There were so many people went mad for the posts, including those who share the same university with the job seeker. People see the post as something exceptionally degrading, particularly for those who are not coming from that certain university. The post made people burn in rage and declaring that regardless of the university anyone come from, attitude and manner are still the main priorities anyone could have.
Source: USS Feed

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