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While brands commonly spread their network from local to the international scale, PYC (Paradise Youth Club) decides different. Since it first founded in January 2015, PYC has directly gained worldwide recognition. Not to mention recently, the brand has been under the radar of Hypebeast; the brand’s recent collaboration with @alphaindustries and PRMTYKO has caught the attention of the overseas creative industry.

Behind the club, there’s a man who single-handedly tends the collection, @aaaadit and also his partner @andrihasibuan. Both have joined us at theFthing store, right at Gunawarman district for a session of how Paradise Youth Club stays on top ‘till this very moment.


Let’s loose up a lil’ bit; what’s the deal with PYC?

Aditya: “Okay, actually PYC is totally different than what I have been doing this last 7 years as an in-house brand staff of a retail company. In fact, there’s no target market research at all. PYC is truly the honest expression of what I felt about everything that happened around me. Then I poured my thoughts into the brand. Simple as that. I picked up the graphic for each collection too.”


Andri: “Yeah, the one who made the call is Adit. But again, we also chose related visuals that match with the messages we are trying to express and mostly it came from mundane activities. Sort of a reflection of what we have been through, I guess.”

How did it make through the international level, such as Hypebeast?

Aditya: “Actually, around 80% of PYC’s audience resides outside Indonesia and the rest 20% goes to the local market, which also includes the stores spread in Jakarta. It all happens thanks to the overseas friends and through them, the brand earned itself not just an identity, but also a value on its own. Whenever the topic is about brand, it’s simple as how we view it just like a human being. Once we treated it that way, the market and audience’s attention will be drawn from everywhere. For example, a man who appreciates art or music will have their own preferences. From that point, they formed a definition of themselves. We managed to speak up the same thoughts and also somehow, the resonance of thought is formed and synergized by itself. Our latest collab with PRMTVO – Los Angeles Brand speaks it thoroughly – even though separated by 14.000 KM apart, different people, countries and languages. Because we all reside in same planet, the Earth, and have the same vision to create something amazing, it is just what we need, as simple as that.

Another example – communication and networking are also parts of the reasons we got so far. We always update our people on ideas, upcoming collaborations to latest collection. Moreover, we gave them the story, issues behind it and also the messages we were trying to say in each collection. Bottom line, I’m really glad we received great feedback, even the photographer out there helped out too. Eventually we got the chance to be featured in Hypebeast, sort of hard-work got paid-back on the right time.”

Quite a journey, but why only 20% on local market?

Aditya: “Not because Indonesia isn’t on our reach; but maybe, we wanted to be recognized on the international level. It’s a much bigger space for us to venture in. It’s kind of ironic and sad at the same time, since I personally read the review of recent Hypebeast’s article of PYC x Alpha Industries collab. There are some surprising comments, like: ‘Oh, that’s an Indonesia brand!’ which makes us think only a small percentage of Indonesian knows what we have been doing for past three years. That’s also why in 2018, we want to build PYC brand to local market.”


Moving on to the content, tell us more about each collection’s meanings.

Adit: “Well, each represents different messages. It’s a result of what inside my head, but mostly it goes with what I denied to accept on what have been happened on Earth. For instance, social issues, politics, and religions. PYC is here to give a big picture of how simple things can be. It’s how we see each other as ‘human’, and that’s how our collabs with other parties from faraway could be done. What connects us were never skin, race, or our native language – it’s all due to the same ideas, thoughts and messages that all of us want to express. Imagine that all of us live together, peace out there and perhaps we can involve altogether in the creative industry.”

Andri: “As Adit said, brand is a human. For example, one of our collections uses song lyrics as main idea to express emotions within us.”

So what’s gonna happen to PYC in 2018?

Adit: “Oh, yeah there will be a lot of collabs planned up ahead this year. Around 3-4 collaborations and one of them is with the heritage footwear brand from UK, but sorry we can’t reveal it yet. So, stay tune.


Okay. Last challenge: Can you describe three words that represent PYC – without mentioning Paradise, Youth and Club?

Adit: “To be honest, it’s hard without mentioning ‘Youth’ – since that’s what we were heading to and represent in this brand. I think the word will be ‘Freed’, because we are free as a bird, we can express whatever we want – mostly speaking on design perspective, we don’t need any approval to describe our thoughts, free from limitations. Oh, and the last word will be ‘Human’. Can we see human as a human and stop right there, without any further thoughts about background, race, belief or language? That’s how we create the PYC. Honestly, what we have, we put it on action and make it happens.”


Writer: Hadi Sutanto
Photographer: Mario Raymond Bully 

Digital Imaging: Mario Raymond Bully

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