Twilo Skate Corner – A Collective Community

It’s more than just a skate park in Kemang. A collective community consisting of artistic and creative people in one venue, a simple one-liner to describe Twilo Collective Community.

Often called as ‘Anak Twilo’, Letter F managed to interview the people behind Twilo Skate Corner from different creative backgrounds: Jebraks, Aldwin, and Aldo the skateboarders, Alipjon and Mandy the mural artists, and also Raben and Jayko the musicians.

So what is Twilo, essentially?
Raben: “Twilo is a community who come from various artistic backgrounds that unite in one place, from street art, music, skate, and mural art–it’s all collective. This place is where people are free to express their hobbies, but the basis is skateboard. Skateboard with music or a skateboard as the platform to express their arts.”
Is there sort of a must-do step to be a part of Twilo? And what’s your thought towards the community itself?
Raben: “There’s an application letter that you would have to submit first, sort of like a CV where each person will go through some tests related to their skills.”
Jebraks: “We just come together randomly. Hanging out with these guys, just have fun, you know?”
Alipjon: “Simple really, I got a venue where I could express my passion, and I’m also used to the skating culture. All of the artwork that I did was inspired by it, I also play skateboard though not that good, but the skating culture helps in creating and shaping my work.”
Aldo: “You can also say it’s a hobby, because it is our hobby, but for each of us it could be a way to make a living. We earn our money from this mostly.”
How many people have joined this community?
Raben: “We’re a lot already and we don’t limit the number, we’re always open for new people to join. There are times where the place can be very crowded, but then there are other times where it’s less crowded. Members would come here to bring news or info about either competitions, exhibitions, or just festivals, and of course we need the team’s support to participate in it.”

If all the members are present, what kind of activities do you usually go for?
Raben: “For skateboarders, we practice skating. For music, we would grab guitar and just jam to music. We usually just brainstorm about what’s next to discuss in our schedule.”
Interesting, could you share to us about your regular events?

“We have this annual event called TWILOSAURUS, it’s about presenting various exhibitions from photography of analog photo words to solo exhibitions of our own skateboarders. TWILOSAURUS also provides opportunities for dozens of graphic artists to “bomb” their work on the skate boards.”

How long have you joined Twilo?
Aldo: “A year.”
Jebraks: “I have been in this community before this building hasn’t even existed to be honest.”
Jayko: “I’m actually new. I used to hang out a lot here, Raben was the one who told me to join.”
Alipjon: “I can’t even remember. I just remember it was sort of sudden.”
Mandy: “I’m also a newbie here. I only followed Alipjon’s step, since we were already friends before.”
Raben: “I have been here the longest, I have watched how this building changed from the start until how they set all of this equipment here now. I have been here for at least around two years or more. But actually, all of these friends here, including me, have known each other even before Twilo exists.”
Aldwin: “I think, I’ve been here for two years.”

Raben: “I think we can say that all of us have been here together for a long time. Although probably because each of us has different schedule so we come at different times. The skaters are the most often to come here. The mural artist get a lot of call to do a lot of work here and there so most of the times they’re not here.”

So who was the one that discovered Twilo?
Raben: “So, there was this guy who—well, let’s call him with ‘Lord’, who only has a purpose solely to create a skate park. And then suddenly everyone got interested and came here. So then Twilo itself gave a chance for us to do skating, graffiti, and music competitions. All of us got involved and often hanged out and brainstormed—the start of how the community was created andt that’s how the term ‘Anak Twilo’ exists.”
Lastly, what makes Twilo different from the other art and creative communities?

“We’re more like a family. We come and talk and don’t just leave immediately, we continue our talk and continue in other places. We share works, share ideas to further raise awareness about Twilo itself.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer & Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available at The F Thing
Location: Twilo Skate Park Kemang

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