Twins for Life: Elizabeth Rahajeng and Maria Rahajeng

Sure, your sister is your bestfriend, especially if you are twins – you know them like the back of your hands and practically can’t be separated. That’s the best way to describe Elizabeth and Maria Rahajeng. Being an identical twin with only five minutes different, Elizabeth and Maria are inseparable even on their 20s. Of course having a twin has its own perks, but it also has its ups and downs. Catch up with our little talk about being twins with them.


What’s the first impression people often blurted out when they first saw you?

Elizabeth: “Whenever people first see us, the first question will be ‘Are you guys twins?’. Always. And then the second question is who’s older, and the third question is ‘by how many minutes’. After that, they would ask ‘Why the name’s different?’, because our name is way different to each other. I mean most of twins have similar names, but we’re so much different.”

How do you answer that common questions for nth times?

Maria: “We usually just answer the question and explain about us to them all. And just because we are identical, it’s okay if you get us wrong, because people got messed up with us all the time.”

Elizabeth: “Yeah, even our family members. Even our grandfather!”

Maria: “True. Up till now, one of our uncles still can’t figure out which one is Maria, which one is Elizabeth. Kinda funny though, for us. But yeah it’s something that we used to.”

As an identical twins, have you ever exchanged place?

Elizabeth: “Nope. Never did that before.”

Maria: “A lot of people asked that actually. It was one of the most first question that people asked to us. Or questions like ‘Do you like to play tricks on another people?’ but the answer is we’ve never done that. But we think that if we ever did that people would know which one is which.”

Elizabeth: “We both think that we don’t really look like. If you asked us, do you ever looked at her and think that you look in the mirror. No, absolutely not. So yeah we never switched places before.”

What do you love the most doing together?

Maria: “I think one of them has to be working together. For example for E! News Asia, we hosted a program together and it was super fun hosting with your twin. And I think for just casual days, I love watching TV series on Netflix, because that is definitely what we love to do at home when we wanna relax.”

Elizabeth: “Well Maria and I are really into sports. We love football, and we both are crazy fans of Liverpool, and we love watching the game together. Whenever we watch them, we are so intense and so excited about the games, and we really get into it.”

Envious of your twin. Does it ever happen?

Maria: “Yes, it does. I guess we have a very tough love for each other. And at times, we saw each other succeed and we were so happy for one another and being a supportive twin. I guess in like a very settle way we kinda want to achieve that success as well. And again, with that little jealousy, it pushes us to be better.”

Elizabeth: “Yeah, it had happened to me. Several times even. From friends, family, and the media as well. Like I said, people always comparing us, to one and another. And you know it gets difficult sometimes, because we do have a different accomplishment. When those things happened you just had to keep having positive mindset and keep supporting each other.”

In terms of dating, do you have the same or different type of man?

Maria: “I can say that we have similar taste of man, in other thing as well. Actually, our first ever crush, when we were like seven years old – we had this same crush in our neighborhood. We thought he was the cutest boy around and we also in same choir with him, so yeah we both ended up like him. And that was such a coincidence.”

Elizabeth: “So yeah we do have the same or similar type when it comes to man. But when we compared all the guys we dated before, there were some differences. Let’s say the personalities are different. My kind of type is someone who has great personality, intelligent, open-minded, and a family guy. The latter is very important to me – to us, because we both are family oriented. And someone who has goals in his life, and hardworking – that really attractive.”

And in terms of style, ever feel like changing your looks drastically?

Maria: “Umm, sometimes I feel like I wanna colored my hair a different color because I always have black hair. This is my natural hair, I’ve never colored my hair. And I’ve always had mid -length hair, so I never have the super short hair. Sometimes I think to cut my hair very short and coloring it, like brown for example. But for now, I’m gonna keep it long and black.”

Elizabeth: “I think similar to what Maria stated, the hair would definitely one of the things that I would consider to change. I’ve never ever done my hair, but I seriously considered to dying it. Although it’s not too drastic, like brown or slightly grey. Something that is not too crazy but yeah, just different.”



Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Digital imaging: Dela Naufalia 
Videographer: Iqbal Safie



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