Your Unusual Instagram Worthy Spots in Japan

No, it’s not over yet. Summer season is still beaming its way on our lovely earth. Everyone still cheers for the fresh air, and the heat, also trying to enjoy their almost-over summer break. As one of the highest season to travel, Japan is ready to welcome you on their land. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, everywhere will be filled with people – not to mention Tokyo. In the summer, you probably want to snap a lot of pictures on your trip. Here we compile the Instagram-worthy places during summer in Japan.

Lake Toya Onsen

Located in Hokkaido, the lake gives you a deep experience of the dynamic nature in the area. In the summer, the cool breeze from the lake is very refreshing. Also you can go over the island using a boat.

Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum

Yeah sushi is great, but who doesn’t love ramen? You can take a load of pictures in the food amusement park with vintage town as its theme. The good-old atmosphere is simply Insta-worthy!

Yanaka, Tokyo

Are you passionate on taking street photos? Yanaka neighborhood is your answer. Located in the main city, Yanaka Ginza has many classic shops and restaurants that are ready to be remembered in your camera pocket.

Okinawa World

As the biggest amusement park in Okinawa, this place has many things you can experience; from the nature, to culture and history of Okinawa. No wonder why it’s the best place to take dynamic photos.

Nanzenji Temple

Established in 1291 by Emperor Kameyama, the temple is listed as historical site, whose garden has been entitled as the place of scenic beauty. You can take a Shinkansen to go there and ready to be awed by the scenery. And don’t forget to take lotsa pictures there.


But remember one thing – summer in Japan can be scorching hot, so don’t forget to put a cap over your head. Find your aesthetic cap to accompany you during the summer, all available at

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