US Space Force Logo Draws Uncanny Resemblance to ‘Star Trek’ Badge

Fans jokingly urge Paramount to sue the government.

Back in 2018, Donald Trump announced his plans for creating a Space Force, the sixth branch of the US military focused on warfare and defense in space. Now, two years on, Trump has finally unveiled the upcoming division’s logo, and it’s caused quite a stir among Star Trek fans.


Pictured below in Trump’s announcement tweet, the Space Force logo comes in the form of a round insignia with the title written around the circumference of an outer ring. Within the inner ring sits an image of an upward-pointing arrow overlaid on a globe with a shooting star orbiting it. If it’s starting to sound oddly familiar, that’s because the Starfleet insignia in the legendary sci-fi franchise Star Trek features almost an identical logo. Noticing this, fans of the franchise have all taken to Twitter, pointing out the probably unintentional plagiarism and jokingly urging Paramount and CBS to sue the US Government. Even Star Trek actor George Tekei himself made fun of the uncanny resemblance.
Intentional or not, the new Space Force logo has no doubt helped the launch of Amazon Prime’s latest series, Star Trek: Picard, which came out January 24.
Source: Hypebeast

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