V Radio on What It Takes to Be a Radio Announcer

The steps to be a great radio announcer is often being underestimated by many people. Sure, today is the digital era where everything is online. Most of the times it’s all about the visual presentations, supported by the celebgram and vlogger trend. But it’s the lack of human interaction hands on that makes the previous concepts seem to be a bit tedious—as seconded by the V radio announcers: Anya, Hilbram, Kieky, Gusto, Lala, and Iwa.

Hilbram: “An announcer must have a strong character, note that solely having a strong character is not easy, that’s why there are lots of announcers who come and go.”
Kieky: “To have a distinctive voice character, so the listeners can tell the difference on who’s talking.”
Anya: “Of course the intention and the consistency are important points to take note of to be an announcer. You have to maintain your mood and also the mood of your listeners.”
Gusto: “It’s how you present yourself when you talk or discuss some subjects.”
Lala: “Having the guts to perform, don’t be shy. If you get easily embarrassed, then you’re not ready to be a radio announcer.”
Anya: “It’s the way I can be myself. Over the years working on a television, I learned that I had to present myself based on the market. Whereas on the radio, I become myself.”
Kieky: “It started when I looked at the ad that a radio needs a new announcer, so I tried. Being an announcer opens for many jobs and that was the point I was looking for.”
Iwa: “I always love late night radio announcers, how they play blues songs and brings this level of chill vibe, and I thought to myself that I wanted to be like that one day. So when I was offered to do a night session, I took it.”

“A great announcer is an announcer who has the chemistry with the listeners.”


“A good announcer is able to engage with the listeners. Able to be close to them, able to be their friends, and able to bond well.”

Lala: “Keeping up the flow is easy for us because we love what we’re doing. So for us, even if the mood was not good prior to be on air, once we’re on air, the mood just changes. It’s the fun kind of responsibility to do.”

“Being ourselves is the key. Don’t try to hide how you feel when you broadcast because it’s important to show how you currently feel to the listeners. The narrative of how you feel would be a funny story to discuss with your listeners, wouldn’t it? So, you don’t have to try hard to engage to your listeners.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ryan P. W.
Stylist: Sabila Sari
Wardrobe by Muda Mudi, Jenna & Kaia, Gi & Ne, LOVO, MANLY, MENTLI, IMAJI Studio, Saint York, EUREKA, NOHO available at The F Thing

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