Valentine’s Day is Better When You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is coming and you don’t have a significant other to celebrate it with.

It’s okay, because valentine’s day is better when you’re single. Find out why is that so, here on Letter F.
Financially speaking, the value of Valentine’s Day is that it creates an understanding that the value of someone’s relationship is solely based on how a couple celebrate their Valentine’s Day, including gifts, events, clothing, and more, in which it’s not completely wallet friendly.  The expenses you need to have a perfect Valentine’s Day with your partner already said a lot for this topic, but it is not all.
Second it the stress. Valentine’s Day is such a hassle, there is a lot to plan, to book, too many clothing options to wear, and more. But by being single, you just cut all the bother and just have the day for yourself.
By being single on Valentine’s day, you don’t have any obligations to go to some full-packed restaurants, lining up on the waiting list, or prebook the movie tickets. You can just spend the day by doing anything that you like the most, whether it’d be binge-watching Netflix, sleep the night off, or have a board game competition with your siblings.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: TIME, Seventeen

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