Vellen Roeslan, Your Go-To Sneakers Informant

Throwback to Legiteamate event on June 17th 2017, we teamed up with the hippest @n.s.squad. They simply want to spread the enthusiasm of sneakers and founder Vellen Roeslan most definitely knows the newest sneakers trend.

vellen roes nssquad (1)

For people who are unaware with North Sneaker Squad, please share to us about the community itself?

“This community is actually not a segmented one, I simply want to engage people around to be more aware of street style. Because in my opinion, people are now so monotonous, wearing the same branded stuff from head to toe. Then I have this idea to make the concept upside down. I always think that you have your ways to look cool. That way, I tried to make a YouTube channel to channeling the ideas like, how to  dress up like street styler or sneakershead. All set and we are now have 10 people behind North Sneaker Squad since it was established in April 2016.”

As the founder, tell us more about yourself as a street style enthusiast.

“Back when I was a teenager, in 2002 to be precise, I enjoyed hip-hop music a lot and tried to learn about rap. I wanted to be a rapper at that time, and I thought if you wanted to be a rapper, then you have to dress like them. That’s probably the first reason why I like to dress up in street style. As I grow older, I moved on to neat look—but it wasn’t myself. Then I met this friend who was head over heels towards sneakers and he sort of reintroduced me with sneakers and street style. This time, way harder. I couldn’t help but fall in love for the second time to sneakers. I started to wear it again and understood that this is my original style.”

vellen roes nssquad (3)

Who is your ultimate role model in street style?

“Most of them are rappers. Hoodie or gold chain are my thing. Or when I started to wear gold teeth in 2013, people laughed, but now many of them wear the same thing.”

Name the rappers that inspire you the most?

“Nowadays, it’s Kanye West and Travis Scott, no doubt. But back then, I enjoyed a lot of Lil’ Wayne performance. But strangely enough, I don’t really fit Adidas kind of shoes, I’m more a Nike person. So, I don’t have Yeezy, and I only wear Adidas Superstar Original.”

So how many pairs of shoes that you own and what’s your fave?

“I have around 40-ish pair of shoes at home. And my favorite one would be Nike Jordan 1 Original Color Way, and I have 10 different colors of them.”

vellen roes nssquad (2)

Thoughts on the collaboration between North Sneaker Squad and Legiteamate?

“I’m quite sure that this brand can spread the street style in Indonesia. That’s why I support and agreed to do a collaboration with Legiteamate. Although I know it’ll take time, it doesn’t matter – at least the brand makes a good start. Same goes as sneakers, people wear sneaker as a sport stuff in the past, but nowadays, you can wear it anytime in any occasion.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photos courtesy of @vellenroes

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