The Versatile Gradient Lips Tutorial

Such trend grew big two years ago, precisely in 2015. Though other trends keep up with their pace, this gradient lips look stays! And we’ve compiled a tutorial from WinnieYap above or the easy steps below for you to try.


1. Conceal

gradient lips trend (1)

Matte Lipstick from PAC

Matte Lipstick from PAC

Suggested by, the first step is to prep your pout with a small amount of hydrating balm and dab off any excess with a blotting sheet or a ply of tissue. Lightly tap concealer all over the lips.

2. Color

gradient lips trend (3)

Blind Date by Wet n Wild

Blind Date by Wet n Wild

Bring out your best red lipstick to highlight the middle part of your lips, both bottom and top. Useful tips: don’t surpass the length of four teeth.

3. Blur

gradient lips trend (2)

Dine in Wine by Mizzu

Dine in Wine by Mizzu

Blur the color and keep in mind that the color should be brightest in the center. Blend the lipstick horizontally, rather than vertically.

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