Vlogger’s Most Extreme Culinary Stunt!

Why do we eat things? Sometimes, it’s because we’re hungry – other times, maybe because we love the food. Different reasons may apply to these vloggers – they dared themselves to gobble on extreme foods!

Nex Carlos: Rat, Snake and Wild Boar
Nex Carlos started his journey on Pasar Tomohon, a market known for its extreme commodities. Later on at Barameji Restaurant, he tried those local extreme culinary: rats, phyton snakes to wild boars – all are served in the signature spicy Manadonese sambal. Wanna see his reactions? Check out the video!


Gerry & Ban: Cobra (meat, blood and bile!)
Ben from Kokiku TV and Gerry Girianza found extreme foods it the heart of Jakarta! On this video, they tried out snake’s bile which comes with an urban legend that one shall not drink tea or coffee 4 hours after it. Moreover, they also had a taste on the snake’s meat and drank some fresh, snake’s blood. Curious? Check the video here!



Dinda Kirana: Live Octopus
Dinda Kirana decided to jump into the most extreme sea food ever: octopuses that’s still alive! Her expression upon tasting the culinary is just priceless!


Source: Okezone

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