Wash Your Jeans Properly – Here’s the Trick

Jeans seem to have become a mandatory fashion item for Indonesians.

Wherever and whenever we go, jeans are just the staple fashion item, aren’t they? Some people like to buy jeans with variety of colors, from light to dark. But has the color of your jeans ever faded? This is caused not because of wrong usage, but the wrong way of washing them.
Reporting from Okezone, we have summarized some tips for washing jeans so the color won’t fade. First, soak your favorite jeans for a short period of time, then after being soaked for a while, the jeans that have been dipped into the soap must be rinsed immediately so that the colors won’t easily wear off.
Then, when it’s ready to dry, hang the jeans inside out so that the color of the jeans won’t easily eroded by the sunlight.
Source: V Radio

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