Wash Your Jeans without Making Them Worn Out: Tips You Need to Know

Every single person out there who often wears jeans might have faced the same problem, how to keep your jeans’ color from fading?

According to Wrangler Product Development of Indonesia, there are some things you need to pay attention to when you wash your jeans. Here are some tips you need to know to save your jeans;
  1. Do not soak your jeans for far too long. Dip your jeans into the water for a bit and rinse them right after you put your soap onto your jeans. Soaking your jeans in the water for a long time could make your jeans’ color fading.
  2. Drying your inside jeans on the outside. Drying you jeans as they are would make your jeans erodes by the sunlight easily.
  3. Do not wash your jeans too often. If you worry that it’s not hygienic then just sunbath your jeans so the bacteria can die.
Now you don’t need to pay extra cash to wash your jeans properly, do you?
Source: Okezone

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