We Know Which Bumi Langit Hero Matches Your Zodiac

Following the craze of Gundala, lets find out which zodiac matches to Bumi Langit characters.

Aries –  Si Buta dari Gua Hantu
Fiery sign Aries is always on the go for the new adventure just like Brada Mandrawata. That is before he self-blinded his eyes to defeat his enemies. He soon become a legendary warrior and wandering around the country with his best companion Wanara.
Taurus –  Tira
Taurus is a sign that is big on serenity and calm environment. You are also very intact with your spiritual world and this is why you are matched with Tira. Tira is actually a college student named Susie who’s always accompanied by the spirits of Nine Dragon Demons. She unleashed her dragons by meditating and able to summon mystical spirits.
Gemini – Virgo
Don’t get confused by the name but, yes you are Virgo. Virgo is actually a student named Rini who tested some of her father experiments on herself. Afterwards she discovers that it gives her superpower and decided to become a superhero. She takes the matter into her own hands and rise above just like what a Gemini would do.
Cancer – Sri Asih
Sri Asih itself is a woman called Nani Wijaya, born into a wealthy family and reincarnation of a Goddess called Dewi Sri. She is smart and highly intuitive, not to mention her ability to transform instantly while things getting out of hand; it suits Cancerians perfectly.
Leo – Bidadari Mata Elang
Leo is the most spirited fire signs, symbolized with lion. They are passionate, but also crave to be respected and sometimes a bit arrogant. Just like Bidadari Mata Elang who is originally called Dewi. She is a lady warrior who is very attractive and seductive but arrogant. She is also an opportunist and never took side.
Virgo – Gundala
Gundala was later found out that he is an adopted son of Kronz, King of the Lightning Kingdom. With this new ability and good intuition he comes in to solve complicated crime cases. Virgo themselves are perfectionist, logical, practical and systematic, those are just portraying Gundala to the T.
Libra – Aquanus
The sign who’s associated with scales love to balanced their life out. They are also work their best to make sure everything is in symmetry. In Bumi Langit universe, Aquanus was born on a planet inhibited by amphibious humanoids. He was later raised on Earth and become a superhero. This show how he was able to balance two different worlds into one synergy.
Scorpio – Godam
Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood sign and often assign with incredible passion and power. Just like Godam who possesses superhuman strength and impenetrable by any weapon. The only thing keeping him weak is if he defy the truth.
Sagittarius – Merpati
As Sagittarians are always on a quest for knowledge, Merpati is just the right character for you. Merpati is actually a woman called Sedhah. A smart and decisive journalist who studied martial arts. Later on her journey, she was given the super power by the Doves Queen to help save the world.
Capricorn – Camar
Camar has a unique martial art skill created by a village warrior which then passed on to his youngest descendant called Motila. She then continued being called Camar and possesses the ability to communicate with birds and outstanding martial art ability. Capricorn is very close to nature, and skilled at navigating both material and emotional realms – those two have a lot in common.
Aquarius – Mandala
Mandala is a great warrior who was raised by Nyai Nara Sati and later trained by Batara, a one-armed warrior. He soon becomes a great warrior himself and respected also feared by others. Just like Aquarius that is not only humanitarian but also a strong healer upon their people as well.
Pisces – Vidya Astari
This zodiac and Vidya Astari has something in common – both amazing but sometimes are trapped in their own fantasy. Vidya is a very skilled warrior but her habit of meddling into other people’s business tend to give her problems.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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