We Pick the Right Speakers for You, Music-heads!

So, for you…music is lfye? Gear up with the right gadgets!

MUZE Multiroom Speaker

Bring music to every corner of your rooms, or being playful by setting up different music in every room with multiroom audio feature. A special application, UNODK, is here to connect one speaker to another in Multiroom Mode – so you can enjoy simultanuosly different music on different rooms.

Spotify-heads will also cheer for its borderless access to all their favorite playlists that’s controllable via iPhone, iPad, or other Android gadget, again, in every room they prefer. We also love the compact body that makes it easy to store and makes a great companion in every situations. The gadget has two types of loudspeaker, one woofer and two midranges.


MUZE Bluetooth Speaker



Now this is the speaker for you, travelers! The IP54 Certification guarantees safety from dust and trickle of waters, perfect for your outdoor occassions. Complemented with Micro-Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS), which means a super small microphone with high performance for high quality sounds – you can use it to receive phone calls, video calls and other VOIP application.


Writer: Olivia Elena Hakim

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