We Tried New Korean ‘Skipcare’ Routines and This is What Happened

Admit it, ain’t nobody got time for the 10-step skincare routines popularized in South Korea. Or even 7-step. Korean Millennials seem to be aware of this problem and just rebel with “skipcare”—and no, we didn’t mistype it.

As introduced by AmorePacific to some global reporters including Byrdie, skipcare is defined as “skincare method that allows you to identify the essential ingredients for your skin and avoid the use of unnecessary products for a simpler, yet proper, skincare routine”.

There are few things to notice here: understanding, multitasking, and minimalizing. First, it’s important to understand your skin condition and risks so you know the right product to troubleshoot your skin problems effectively without wasting too much time and money for unnecessary treatment.

Secondly, try to go for products with multitasking benefits. I mean, why use three separate products to improve your skin tone when you can just have one, simple step? Lastly, minimalizing. This goes naturally as you already understand your skin problems and find the right, multitasking products to help you with your skin problems.

We actually tried doing this for a few months, and it seems like we already know a few tricks.





Korean toner is always essentials because they are mild, while it can do basically everything your other skincare can do. We recommend snail slime-infused toner for its effective repairing power. We used BENTON Snail Bee High Content Skin and we love it.





Do you know that most of the glow on Korean skin comes from proper sun protection rather than highlighter and moisturizer? An all-do sun cream is all you need. Innisfree 5-in-1 Sun Milk is a miracle made in heaven, if we must say. It has the perfect consistency and provides full sun protection while controlling oil production—whew.





Sheet mask could be a hassle sometimes. Why can’t we just have our night cream, face mask, and essence all in one package? Laneige hears our prayer, and has created their Sleeping Mask for us, lazy girls who just wanna wake up in the morning feeling more beautiful.





We often forget that washing our face with cleansing foam could be tricky—it’s hard to find just the perfect consistency for our skin. Tonymoly Naturalth Goat Milk Cream Foam is one of the rare products who do more than expected. It moisturizes perfectly, making it skincare-ready while improving your tone and flaws.





Of course we don’t want our cosmetics to cancel our skincare benefits. While high make-up coverage could be harmful for your skin, we can’t just go out bare-skinned every day. We can now take care of our skin while wearing make-up, thanks to MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion. “Think of it as a marriage between your favorite essence and BB cream”, said Sokoglam reviewer. And we have proved that.

Source: HighEndTeen

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